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What Happens When You Film the Hells Angels? Nothing Good

You ever hear of the old adage, “don’t mess with Texas?” Of course you have. And there’s probably some part of you that’s been conditioned to believe it, since Texas is generally known for having bigger everything, including bigger dudes with bigger guns. Well, that old adage becomes even more believable when you add the words “Hells Angels.” You definitely don’t mess with Texan Hells Angels. And you don’t film them either.

A group of fellas driving in a car across Texas recently learned this lesson the hard way, though it could have been much harder. As you can see in the YouTube video below (which contains some NSFW language), one of the passengers in the car thought he’d go ahead and film the group of bikers passing on the left. The driver soon noticed the bikers were Hells Angels, but instead of the cameraman putting the phone down and wisening up, he just says “Whhhaaaaatttt?!” and continues filming. Seconds later, there’s a jolt, and the cameraman pans left to reveal the back, driver’s side window has been shattered. Which is apparently what you get in Texas when you film a member of the Hells Angels who doesn’t want to be filmed.

According to the video`s description, the guys in the car called the police, who eventually invited them to come down to the police station. At the station, the Angels showed up, beeping their horns like they knew the window-less travelers were there. About an hour later, the fellas in the car gladly accepted a police escort out of town.

We’re willing to bet they don’t mess with Texan Hells Angels anymore.

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