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What do real bikers think of Sons of Anarchy?

As someone who has flown colors in real motorcycle clubs (three piece patch, not 1%er but the level immediately underneath and my second club became a support club of the Outlaws M/C, and later patched over to become an Outlaws chapter) here’s my take on the pluses and minuses, alternating:

It’s incredibly overblown.

That is incredibly unrealistic, no law enforcement agency would allow that sort of thing to go happen. I suppose if you were holding out for the “the show is an accurate documentary” opinion, you’d be correct for about the first episode, or at least halfway thru the first episode. After which, the reality quotient goes wildly off the rails. Not helped by Charming having the most ineffective police department in the history of mankind.

The show, as entertainment was very well written. I watched every episode and enjoyed it. I looked forward to every upcoming season, and was sorry when it inevitably ended.

Gemma’s position in the club ain’t gonna happen – ever. She’d have been taken out back and “corrected” halfway thru the first episode in the real world. And if she didn’t learn from that experience, it would have been repeated as necessary, until she finally learned or left. Women do not have any decision making positions in a real M/C. Period.

The “feel” of the show is very good. Yes, M/C’s are like that (try to ignore the rate of insanely rampant illegalities going on). You’re invited to join, you earn your way in, and you back your brothers over everything: wife, family, etc. The club is not the center of your life, it is your life. You probably don’t have any other interests or hobbies.

I’ve read in places where Charlie Hunnam claimed to have researched his role which convinced him that he had to wear white tennis shoes all the time (except at the very end). I sit in complete bewilderment at that thought.

He must have never dumped a motorcycle in his life, because the second to last thing you ever want to wear on your feet while riding a motorcycle is tennis shoes (flip-flops are the last, if you’re curious).

Real bikers don’t usually ride anything smaller than a Super Glide, and a Road King or Electra Glide variant is preferred because hard bags are always preferable to leather. Most brothers in my clubs had two bikes, because if one is broken down, you’re not exempt from that weekend’s upcoming run.

Why was the show so wildly overblown? Because the real life of a biker is incredibly mundane, way too quiet and boring for television. The average weekend with the club is spent one of two ways: We’re either traveling to another club or chapter’s gathering, or, we’re spending the weekend at the clubhouse knocking down beers interspersed with hitting some of the local bars in town. Now, my experience may be a little slanted.

So I wasn’t in an M/C when I was young, energetic, enthusiastic and stupid. In fact, the big secret of my patch holding years: The last time in my life I balled up my fist and hit somebody, I was in the eighth grade. 13 years old. 1963. So yes, it’s possible to be a biker without punching and shooting your way thru life.

Clubs do go down, but when they do, it’s usually pretty quiet. My first club put themselves in a bad position by playing with the Pagans (out of Pittsburgh) when we were living in Outlaw territory (Johnstown-Kittanning), and then exacerbated the situation by getting pissed and insulting then hell out of them.

At which point we suddenly found out we were at war with the Pagans – a little local club of maybe 25 guys. As nobody was into the idea of dying in a blaze of glory (except maybe passing our president over to the Pagans to take his chances, since he started the whole mess), we folded. Very quickly and pathetically.

Turned our colors over to the Pagans and ceased to exist. Nobody was murdered, or beaten up (except for our president, and we took care of that ourselves). Six months later, twelve of us met at my house, decided to reform a new club, and had the smarts to talk to the Outlaws first.

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