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The Real Truth Behind Harley Davidson “Fat Boy” Name

One of the most enduring myths around a motorcycle in the industry is the reason this Harley Davidson classic was named the “Fat Boy” is that it was named after the bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The theory is that the name is derived by combining the names of the two bombs that were dropped namely “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” and also the color of fat boy resembles the Bockscar B-29 and Enola Gay bombers that carried out the attack.

Now, this does seem like a real reason to which the motorcycle was named after, after all, how can you disagree with that many examples of how it was named after that incident. However, it is just a theory and the truth behind the name “Fat Boy” is quite simple.

The main reason that it is called a “Fat Boy” is that it is a big bike and it does happen to be on the fat side when looked at it head-on. When compared to other motorcycles, this bike is actually fat or big if you want to call it that. It could have been a great reason to name it after the atomic bombs but it was not and its just simply called a Fat Boy because it is a fat boy so to speak.

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