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Stepson Destroys Stepfather’s Custom Harley Davidson ‘In Ire’ After Getting Xbox Shut Off

A teenager in St. George was reportedly taken into custody on his stepfather complaint after he destroyed his Harley Davidson bike.

As per the reports, the incident occurred when his stepfather shut off the Xbox while his stepson was playing a game over it.

Alec’s stepfather called the St. George Police to register the incident’s complaint after his stepson Alice damaged his Harley Davidson bike. Officer David McDaniel reported at the place of the event after receiving the complaint and took the teenager into custody.

According to the stepfather, upon arriving at home from work, he found his stepson Alice playing games on his Xbox. “He asked him to turn it off before he comes back after checking the mails in 2 minutes. Alice turned a deaf ear to his stepfather and kept playing the game, which compelled the father to turn it off by himself.”

After his stepfather turned off the Xbox, he was furious at him and started yelling and threw the console at him. The stepfather then hurried to call the police, and in the meantime, Alice also came out and attacked his stepfather’s 2009 Custom Harley Davidson FLF motorcycle with a knife report said.

“Alice started kicking the bike and knocked it down. He kept hitting the bike with the knife until the blade came out of the handle. The bike was worth over $40,000.”

Alice hadn’t finished with his rage yet. He got into his car parked in the driveway and bring in reverse and ran over the bike. Then, he started pushing the bike with his 2000 Nissan Maxima car into the garage until the bike crashed into the wall.

“McDaniel said that the bike was damaged from everywhere. Front, Fender, and Gas tank were all damaged heavily.”

The overall damage (which includes the bike, garage, and consoles) calculated in the incident was estimated $25,000.

Alice quickly escaped from his house and went to his friend’s house. The police made contact with him there to inquire about him. When police contacted him, he took full responsibility for the incident and explained each and everything to the police how he “acted out” after he was triggered by his stepfather’s act of turning off the Xbox.

“Alice took full responsibility for the incident and said he did everything, purposefully and deliberately.”

When he was in custody and on the way to Washington County’s Purgatory Correctional Facility, Alice told McDaniel that he was supposed to take his anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication dose, which he could not take. He believed that missing his successive medication doses caused him to translate his infuriation (with his stepfather turning off the Xbox) into a rage.

Alice was held guilty by the court with charges of two class-B misbehaviors for domestic violence and running from the scene. The court also charged him with a 2nd-degree felony for domestic violence criminal damage. Alice’s bail stands at $13,000.

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