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Sons of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan represents SAMCRO in surprise Mayans M.C. cameo



Mayans M.C.ended the seventh episode of their second season with a shocking surprise -Chibs is back!

In the teaser trailer for episode 8 (above), Tommy Flanagan makes his first big appearance as his Sons of Anarchy character SAMCRO President Filip “Chibs” Telford. And he’s not alone, beside him is Jacob Vargas returning as Allesandro Montez, David Labrava’s Happy, and Rusty Coones’ Rane Quinn.


All four representing the Redwood Originals, were clad in their leather kutts looking as if no time had passed since we last saw them all together. When fans first met the Chibs in the hit FX series, he served as both Sergeant-at-Arms and later Vice President of the M.C.’s Charming charter before wrapping up the series earning his spot at the head of the table.

“Guess the Chibs is out of the bag. See you next week good peeps,” Irby wrote via his official Instagram, which has since been deleted. “Thank you for watching! Wonder how this will play out.”

Not much is known about what their return means in the big picture of things, but season two has been jam-packed with memories from the past. Happy (David Labrava) is at the center of the storyline concerning the death of EZ (J.D. Pardo) and Angel’s (Clayton Cardenas) mom Marisol. The Ruiz brothers did not kill him when they had the chance, opting instead to search for the big fish who hired the hit saying Happy is just a soldier.



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