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Research Reveals Motorcycle Riders Actually Happier People

I’ve been saying since long. Every man (and woman), at least once in their life, needs to ride. A lot of people dismiss riding and never consider the thought of mounting the saddle, for they think that it’s too dangerous. Well, guess what? A lot of things you do in life are dangerous, but you do them anyway. After all, what is life, if there’s no risk. And well, for motorcyclists, the risk does come with heavy rewards.


Bikers know it. They’ve been saying it since long.

And now, Science backs them. Recently, a survey was conducted, where some 60,200 people were asked a standard set of questions. The questions sought to determine the satisfaction, happiness, and anxiety levels in people. And they came up with a rather interesting – though not surprising – finding. The questions asked in the survey were:


  1. Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?

  2. Overall, to what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?

  3. Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?

  4. Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?


One that I’ve always believed, even well before this survey.


That those who ride a motorcycle regularly are a happier bunch of people! And there’s good reason to it. Despite all the risk, despite all the stupid cagers trying to make your life hell, there’s something so liberating, so pleasing, so exciting about riding a motorcycle, that nothing else in the world competes.



I for myself, feel something incomplete, on the days I don’t ride my motorcycle. I’m sure a lot of bikers understand what I’m saying. And if you don’t, it’s probably because you haven’t started riding it. So, do yourself a favor, and get that lazy arse on a motorcycle!

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