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PUTIN’S HELLS ANGELS Inside Vlad’s ‘Night Wolves’

VLADIMIR Putin has a secret army of Hell’s Angel-style bikers ready to die in their mission to “Make Russia Great Again.”

The west-hating Night Wolves – or Nochniye Volki – vows its 5,000 members will do anything fortheir beloved Putin, who they regard as an honorary member.

Their hardline manifesto rejects most laws and the self-proclaimed “warriors of the road” say they are on a mission to save Mother Russia from “gays and feminists.”

It’s been claimed their unofficial activities for the state include intelligence collection, combat operations and intimidation.

Putin, who thrives on his macho image, often dons leathers to ride with the Wolves – who only last year were involved in a deadly shootout with a rivals the Pirates of Winds in Rostov-on-Don.

He first visited the club at its HQ in western Moscow in, in 2009 – and since then has reportedly become close friends with its tattooed leader Alexander Zaldostanov.

In 2014, the Night Wolves even stormed a naval facility in Crimea, with Zaldostanov – nicknamed The Surgeon – personally coordinating “the confiscation of Ukrainian weapons.”

He was later awarded a medal for ‘The Return of Crime’ by Putin for his actions during the controversial annexation of Crimea from the Ukraine.

Whether the Wolves acted on their own initiative or on orders from Russian officials remains unknown, but it seems unlikely the Kremlin would not sanction an operation of such consequence.

In December 2014, the US even announced sanctions against the club due to their involvement in attacks on a gas distribution station in the Ukrainian naval headquarters in Sevastopol.

However, despite all the controversy the biker club has reportedly received more than $1 million in grants from the Kremlin in recent years.

In 2013, Putin awarded former bouncer and dental surgeon Zaldostanov an Order of Honour for his “patriotic education of youth” in Russia.

Zaldostanov – who once challenged a law maker to a duel – said. “We are a phenomenon – bigger than a motorbike club, something that makes presidents come to us and the Patriarch give us his blessing.

“Everytime I see the President I see sincerity in his eyes. This connection exists, despite the fact we live in completely different worlds.

“I really think our President is a great person. He’s the only one I am not ashamed of. He loves Russia for real.”

In a separate interview he pledged “to burn out all the feminism and homosexuality from our Orthodox Christian country with hot steel.”

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