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Ousted MC Member Bought A Fake Hells Angels Patch Online, Uploaded Pic on FB To “Scare” His Former Club Buddies!

If you’re a part of a motorcycle club or know anyone who is, you know how serious their cuts and colors are for them. And I’m not even just talking about the one-percenters. Cuts and colors have a sacrosanct respect in the MC culture, and all the more so for the one-percenters.

He was originally a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. That was until he was ousted from the club for “cowardice”. So, of course, his solution was to “try” and turn hostile towards his former club brothers. And the way to do it, for him, was to go to some website online, and get a fake Hells Angels cut from China!

Yes! This guy literally BOUGHT a Hells Angels patch FROM CHINA!
The irony couldn’t be more solid! He posted this picture of him in his fake Hells Angels vest and used it to threaten and gloat at his members of the Iron Order. When Insane Throttle, which first reported the story, checked with the “right people”, they found out something. That this idiot isn’t and wasn’t ever a part of the Hells Angels! He wasn’t ever even a prospect!

Bikers who saw this “fake Hells Angels” weren’t late in letting the “real Hells Angels” know of this mockery!
The story was originally brought to the notice of Insane Throttle by the chapter President of the Iron Order MC. And Insane Throttle made sure the information went to the people it “needed to go to”. They even shared the idiot’s particulars to make sure bikers wanting to give him a piece of their mind could. At the time of writing, his Facebook profile was deactivated. I guess, he did finally learn the wrong of his doings, and was too ashamed to have his FB still up! We’re yet waiting to know what “action” the Hells Angels took against the idiot who used a “pirated” Hells Angels vest to threaten other bikers!

And that’s why you never dawn the colors of a club you aren’t a part of! Never!
Garry isn’t the only idiot out there who doesn’t understand the importance of club colors and cuts. Often times, random guys would come up to me and ask what’s the deal about “these MC jackets”.

“They’re just a piece of clothing for god’s sake!”

Well, they are more than that, a lot more!

A patch isn’t bought, it’s earned!
If you’re looking at these supposed “symbols of badassery and valor” you could just buy off the internet, you better head to some Riding Club that does it. Motorcycle Clubs, don’t. Motorcycle Clubs aren’t just groups of people who ride motorcycles together. They’re groups of people “who ride together” in every aspect of life. From an MC member, the fellow members aren’t just buddies, they are brothers. They are second family. Family, they are always there for, a family which is always there for them!

And a patch is a symbol that you’re a part of that family.
A patch lets you in the clubhouse, into club business, and a whole lot of stuff that’s exclusive for the club members. It’s your all-access pass. You wouldn’t want some random good-for-nothing stranger to have an all-access pass to your home and all your family matters and family trips, would you?! And that’s part of why clubs are so serious about their patches. The other aspect is the fact that members go through months, and sometimes years, of probation before they “earn” their patch.

Some may call it a form of “hazing” or “initiation”, but it isn’t!
It’s to check if you’re really worth wearing that thing on your back!

What do you think about this? How pissed do you think the Angels are at him for misusing their name? Do you think a deactivated Facebook is a punishment enough for doing something THIS stupid? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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