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Officer Down: Cop dies from injuries after teen intentionally slammed SUV into his motorcycle

He was on the job for 18 years.  Now Officer Mark Lentz of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin police department is dead … and it’s most likely because of health-related issues from a crash in 2017.

Milwaukee Police Officer Mark Lentz died on Sept. 18.  But it’s believed to be related to injuries from his on-duty crash on August 3, 2017.

According to media outlets’ 17-year-old Sirantoine Powell intentionally slammed into him with an SUV.

Police said Powell and another individual had been committing robberies on the day Officer Lentz was hit by his vehicle.

Police said that when Officer Lentz tried to pull over the accomplice driving a second vehicle, Powell slammed the SUV into the officer.

After the crash, Officer Lentz was treated for “road rash and pain to his arms and legs”.  He was eventually able to return to duty.  But a very short time later, he started suffering from nerve damage and symptoms of traumatic brain injury, including significant memory loss and an inability to speak.

“It’s very difficult to see anyone take their last breaths in front of you,” Milwaukee Police Captain Derrick Harris said. “He was surrounded by his family and members of his unit and I believe that’s the way he wanted to leave us.”

It’s a painful loss for the department.

“It’s hard to explain why things happen to good people,” Capt. Harris added.

Brandon Rios was an old friend of Lentz and fellow Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club member.  He said it was incredibly tough watching the 56-year-old officer lose the ability to ride and to do the things he loved.

“It’s rough,” Rios said. “Tough to see a guy like that go through what he did.”

Because the exact cause of his death remains under investigation, it’s not clear whether or not Officer Lenz’s death will be considered as a line-of-duty death.

Powell is still behind bars, but won’t be there for long.  He only received a six-year prison sentence.

But that could change.

If it’s determined that the crash ultimately lead to Officer Lentz’s death, there could be additional charges.

According to the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), Officer Lentz was “respected immensely” as a “beloved member” of the law enforcement “brotherhood”.

“You were an excellent officer and an even better man!” the MPA said. “Our deepest condolences go out to Mark’s family, coworkers, and friends. Rest in Peace brother!”

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