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New Study Proves Motorcycle Riding Relieves Stress, Increases Focus

Police excess is one of the most worrying social and political issues of our time. While, we can’t deny the good work thousands of good men and women of the police do every day, to keep us safe, there’s absolutely no dearth of people who’re just out to misuse the power they’ve been given. It’s very often that we come across police officers who pretty much like hooligans in uniforms!

This King County Deputy is one such cop.

Back in August last year, the story of a King County deputy went viral. The deputy had pulled a gun on an unarmed biker for no real reason. The deputy wasn’t even in his uniform, and intimidated the biker with a weapon, as he told him that “he’s the police”. The video is absolutely shocking, and disturbing. So much so that the Sheriff at the time, John Urquhart, himself called the video “very disturbing”.

An internal investigation was opened into the matter, and recently the officer was punished.

And the punishment meted out to him is absolutely enraging. Had it been a normal person in his place, he’d at least get a few months behind the bars. For a cop, a person in a position of power, doing something like this without any reason whatsoever, it should entail an even longer punishment. But alas, things aren’t as they should be. They’re just too heavily tilted to let cops get away with whatever nonsense they pull. A 10-day suspension was recommended for the cop.

And the present Sheriff went a step ahead.

Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht decided to handover Detective Rich Rowe, the erring officer, a 5-day suspension without pay for his grossly criminal actions.

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