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MiClimate: Wearable Air Conditioner For Motorcyclists!

For all the fun that riding out there on the open road is, it has fare share of pitfalls. Perhaps, the worst of all, is weather. We’ve all been there, riding through some beautiful roads with beautiful scenery, but horrible weather. Whether it’s a chilly winter morning, or a scorching summer afternoon, sometimes it just gets too uncomfortable to ride. I’m sure you’ve delayed or worse, skipped, on a few rides yourself, because it was just too hot or too cold to ride during the weather.

I’m sure you’ve dreamt of how amazing it would be to have an air-conditioner sticking out your bike keeping your cool/warm!

And now’s the time for your dreams to come true. The future is here, and we’re loving it! For all the creature comforts motorcycles of the day have started to offer, air conditioning is one thing manufacturers haven’t yet really found a way around. After all, you’re not in a cage! But don’t worry, this company based in Phoenix, Arizona seems to have found a solution. They’re currently on the lookout to crowdfund their innovation and manufacture it commercially.

And they’re seeking for very little money to take it off the ground.

They’ve listed their product called the MiClimate on IndieGoGo and are seeking $20,000 to take it forward. If you pledge $269 you can get the complete kit with the battery and everything. While, a $249 gets you the kit sans the battery. The portable aircon is essentially a wearable belt with some additional equipment to keep you cool or warm, as your need be.

The device will throw conditioner air into your suit or near your body. It can either throw in air that’s up to 18° F cooler than the surrounding air, or air that’s up to 36° F warmer than the surrounding air. The device would last up to 4 hours on its Lithium-ion battery. And if in case, you’re up for a really long ride, there’s an option to hook it up to your bike’s battery too, a handy connector comes as part of the kit.

So, how does it really work?

First off, the device is essentially a belt with a holster. The holster holds the battery. The conditioning unit will be mounted on your handlebar. Temperature and other setting can be controlled with a Bluetooth Control Unit. The conditioning unit is connected to the belt with a flexible structure that would pump the conditioned air into the belt.

And the belt would then pump the air to your body! Previous attempts to manufacture a workable portable air conditioning unit have mostly failed. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t! What’s your take on this? Would you get one? Would you risk it by pledging to the project before you can actually see a prototype in action? Share with us in the comments section below.

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