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Hells Angels Take The Ultimate Revenge When a Hotel Refuses to Serve Them

It’s not so uncommon for eateries and hotels to discriminate against bikers. After all, for them, bikers are the epitome of what’s wrong with the world, the flag bearers of hooliganism and crime. While a lot of bikers just swallow the disgrace meted out to them, these Hells Angels bikers weren’t definitely going to do that.

The Angels went to the Marion Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada.

However, they were denied entry, for they wore their colors. And the Marion is apparently a “no-colors” zone! So, the Angels did what they know best; teach the erring idiots a lesson. For those of you thinking that a shootout ensured, chill down. These are Hells Angels, not Hells Idiots! Dale Kelland, a leader of the Manitoba Nomads, a Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels, took to social media to give the Hotel a piece of his mind.

The Hotel refused service to the bikers. So, he wanted to make sure that bikers refused their service to the Hotel.

And in today’s age of social media and review websites, nothing hurts more than a bunch of bad reviews. Kelland made sure that they got more than “just a bunch”. Kelland’s 5,000 Facebook followers and 1,000 Instagram followers sure came in handy for the endeavor. He posted about this place on both his accounts:

“This Bar in Winnipeg Discriminates Against Bikers and Their Supporters.. All Independent Bikers [Motorcycle Clubs] [Rider Clubs] and all Riding Groups Should Boycott this Smelly Crack Shack.”

The comment was followed by more than a few nasty emojis, everything from poop to vomit to toilet! The picture below, is what Kelland originally posted, but subsequently removed.

And with that started Marion Hotel’s worst nightmare!

Supporters of the chapter started by posting negative comments on the Marion Hotel’s Facebook page. Hundreds and hundreds of bikers posted one-star reviews, lowering their rating from 4.5 to 3! It got so bad, that the hotel had to remove the page from the hotel altogether!

The bikers weren’t yet done.

Just days later, they got to TripAdvisor to make their voice heard. Of course, they drove down the ratings over there too, significantly. Too bad though, this time, TripAdvisor stepped in, and removed these reviews as they viewed it as “vandalism”.

And then, they got to Yelp!

Marion Hotel didn’t bother to put up any pics on their page, so the bikers did for them. Two, to be precise. One of a man with his “stuff” hanging out from his shorts, and the other of a young David Duke sporting some fancy KKK regalia! Unfortunately, though, Yelp too stepped in, and removed these fantastic photos, for violating its “content guidelines”!

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