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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club trial put on hold because of Covid-19

The social distancing requirements forced Judge Carlos Alexandre to transfer from the court of Monsanto to one of the auditoriums of the headquarters of the Judicial Police, in Lisbon, the conclusion of the investigative phase of the Hells Angels case, which has 89 defendants.

In the last session, held in the first week of this month still in Monsanto, the magistrate tried to use one of the virtual courtrooms made available by the Ministry of Justice through the webex platform designed to make remote judgments, since the lawyers all refused to appear. in person in court, claiming that the necessary sanitary conditions to be in Monsanto were not met.

However, and as has already happened in several other virtual trials, the technical problems that have arisen have forced Carlos Alexandre to cancel the proceedings scheduled in this process, until the new law on the normalization of court activity is published.

The instructional debate is also scheduled to start on July 1st.

This process came about following an attack by members of the Portuguese biker branch Hells Angels on a rival group linked to ex-far-right leader Mário Machado, in a restaurant in Prior Velho. It all happened a little over two years ago, using melee weapons and baseball bats. The incident resulted in six injuries, three of which were serious. The defendants are accused of hundreds of crimes, including qualified homicide, criminal association, extortion, drug trafficking and the possession of prohibited weapons. The case was investigated by the Judiciary Police.

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