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Hells Angels And Mongols Motorcycle Club in News Again For All The Wrong Reasons

There was a face-off between the Mongols and the Hells Angels who are rival motorcycle clubs with a long history of violence which resulted in the death of a 56 years old man who fired into the crowd, the police reports say. The police further said that the Hells Angels members were gathering for an event in the 3200 block of Buck Owens Boulevard on this Saturday in the afternoon when the members of the Mongols arrived.

During the confrontation, Ricardo Viera, the 56 years old Mongols member fired a shot into the crowd of the members of Hells Angels with an unlicensed firearm which only resulted in minor injuries. After that, a Hells Angels member armed themselves with a legal firearm and fired several rounds at Viera which killed him. The Hells Angels member then contacted the police informing them about everything just minutes after the incident.

The police then detained and interviewed the Hells Angels member who shot Viera, but did not arrest him. The Bakersfield Police Department then after reviewing evidence, statements from many witnesses and a corroborating video declared that the Hells Angels member will not be charged. The police said that the name of the Hells Angels member is being withheld because of the threats of retaliation.

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