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Hells Angels’ Allies AND Enemies: The Complete List

The Hells Angels are arguably the world’s largest one-percenter motorcycle club. In the US, they are considered one of the “Big Four” of the “one-percenters”. While fans like to call them a one-percenter motorcycle club, law enforcement likes to categorize them otherwise. The U.S. Department of Justice likes to treat them as a “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang”. While other enforcement agencies simply call them a “motorcycle gang” or an “organized crime syndicate”.

Whatever the Angels are called, nobody can deny that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

No matter which side of the fence you are, you really don’t want to mess with the Angels. They’ve been around for some 70 years. From their humble beginnings in the suburbs of 1940s Chicago, the club has grown to have a presence across some 56 countries in 5 continents. With close to half a thousand charters and some 2500 members, the Angels are one powerful organization.

Allegations against them are scathing.

From illegal arms trade to drug trafficking, from running prostitution rackets to extortion rackets, the Angels are alleged to be involved in running a whole lot of illegal businesses. Members have been charged, indicted, and even convicted for serious offenses such as arson, murder, kidnapping, and other!

Whatever the Angels are, whatever they are, it’s not easy being them.
To be where the Angels are, you need to have a lot of allies. So, here’s the list of allies of the Hells Angels MC you’ve been waiting for!

69ers MC
Chieftains MC
Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC
Coffin Cheaters MC
Devils Breed MC
Devils Diciples MC
El Forastero MC
Forbidden Wheels MC
Freewheelers MC
Galloping Goose MC
Head Hunters MC
Hessians MC are allies according to a 1991 Department of Justice report which stated that there were business dealings between the clubs.
Iron Horsemen MC
Jus Brothers MC
Outsider MC
Renegades MC
Satans Soldiers MC
Solo Angeles Club de Motocicletas / Solo Angels MC

And of course, you don’t also get to where the Angels are without making a lot of enemies along the course. Here’s a list of their enemies!

Breed MC are a known enemy of the Hells Angels in the North East area of the USA. The two clubs had a major fight in the early 1980’s where 4 Breed MC members and 1 Hells Angel were killed.
Gremium MC are an enemy of the club. Gremium MC has a significant presence in Germany.
Iron Order MC
Mongols MC
Notorious MC
Outlaws MC are a well known enemy of the Hells Angels. By default the Outlaws MC official support club, the Black Pistons MC is also an enemy.
Road Rats MC
Rock Machine MC are an enemy and were one of the opposers in the Quebec Biker War.
Sons of Silence MC
Vagos MC

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