Have you ever heard the one about Harley’s can’t corner,

Harley’s brake down all the time, they leak all.

The performance just isn’t there. You have to spend lots of money on them. The list goes on.

Sometimes we get dirty when we see a rider or non-rider criticize Harley’s based on outdated information or some guy doing a review while riding in a straight line.

Why not test the bikes limitations from stock? What about modifications, the fact is most bikes get modified for one reason or another, Throw a pipe on your bike and remap we set your back roughly the same on any bike.

So why not test them out at different Stages, Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 would cover most riders. Lets look a one model, the Fatbob 103 and test it’s outer limits in cornering. A Stage 1 or Stage 2 will get the most out of a Fatbob 103. There easy to ride and fun through the corners and would make an easy upgrade from a Street 500. This bike is a Stage 2.

With sharp hairpin, opposite camber corners it really test the clearance on your bike. Pegs and pipes touch down hear and there on the corners with opposite camber.

Well, last time I looked we all customize our motorbikes one way or the other. Some like bling, others want performance.

I love the sleeper style Harley, performance and handling. I wonder how many Sportsbike riders tell their mates a Harley just passed me in the tight stuff? There’s plenty of average Sportsbike riders to go round. 2013 Fatbob 103, Max Power 93.13, Max Torque 108.11, Freedom 2-2, Bigsucker Airfilter, Andrews 54H Cam, 18114ks, suspension upgrade.