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Dream Job Alert! Harley Davidson Wants to Pay You to Ride Across Country… And Gift You a Motorcycle too!

College students often spend their summers interning at some boring office, sitting in a cubicle, getting managers coffee, and lifting files. However, if you’re a junior or senior at college, or just passed out, a MUCH MORE exciting internship opportunity awaits you. One, at Harley-Davidson!

Harley has planned to add two million new riders in the country in the next 10 years.

And they’re going all out in getting today’s smartphone-struck youth interested in the motorcycling culture. Back in the day, before social media, before smart phones, it didn’t make to realize people how cool motorcycling was. However, today, since everybody is so busy in their phones, some new thinking needs to be done.

And that’s what Harley’s doing with this internship program.

In the twelve-week program, interns will be taught to ride a motorcycle. And then they’ll get to ride these motorcycles around the country, and discover the “motorcycle culture”. While they make their discoveries, they’re supposed to put it out on social media. Well, for college students of the day, you don’t even need to tell them that! They’ll do it anyway!

And what do the interns get?

Apart from the rider training, the joy of riding, and the amazing experiences, there’s a lot more in store. They’ll get paid. AND, they’ll get to keep their bike at the end of it! The internship will provide the inters with a ‘hands-on’ experience in “marketing communications’. That’s why, if you’ve passed out of college recently, and are planning to apply, you need to be looking at a career in social media. And, Harley needs you to be older than eighteen.

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