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Does the Biker Code really exist in reality or just on social media?

I got a question from Mark from Seattle, Washington. Mark Asks What do you think of the Biker Code. Especially some of the sayings that appear in memes on the internet? My last question. What are your thoughts on people wearing regular shoes on motorcycles? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?

So everyone has heard about a supposed biker code. Well, at least those who do nothing but take their information from the internet anyways. I was actually sent a video where someone was talking about the biker code. Actually, they compared the code to some code of chivalry.

Well being as outspoken as I am (laugh) I had to take on the subject. Especially when I get questions about this supposed code all the time. Most of the time I shake my head with the questions I get and don’t take them all to much serious.
Why do you do that you‘re asking right? Well, maybe I‘m going through my own midlife crisis. I tend to always hearken back decades ago before the internet. Talk about how things used to be compared to now. I think that might be one of my faults. Always thinking about the past instead of how things are shaped now. Or maybe, just maybe, I look at many things different than most people.

I’m a guy who believes 100% in common sense. Sure, some things you might have to learn on the streets. But come on! Now there is the almighty biker code? We are supposed to be some medieval knights or something? Yeah, not into all the memes I guess.When I heard some of the stuff, this biker code was supposed to be about I sat back and thought to myself “Really?“Not to piss off any of my lady viewers or anything. But I remember when I wanted to go get a blowjob from a hen on a night of party that’s what I did. I was never one to ask permission from any ole lady when I wanted to blow a nut. I sure the hell didn’t take any orders from an ole lady. I didn’t sit there and beg for permission to do anything from a woman. Now all of a sudden in modern times I guess that’s not respecting a woman?

I can honestly say I love women to death. Come on, I had a pretty damn good adult party business going on back in the day. Always respected the women who worked for me. Shit, they were driving around in BMWs, Mercedes and living the good life. Well taken care of.

Oh shit! Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because I‘m going against this so called biker code. I‘m a male pig for supporting a woman’s choice to make a living. Man! Get the hell outta of here with that crap.

One thing that has always went hand and hand in this lifestyle was partying hard and woman. Now in modern times you have pole smokers crying and whining about biker sites putting up pictures of tits and ass. “Oh, I have my special lady. I don’t need to look at this.” Personally, I think you’re the ones who use to call up requesting we send over some tail to you.
It’s always these self righteous ones who are the easiest to call out. They are so unbelievably easy to spot in a crowd. Fake ass hell. Just look how they carry themselves, and you will know what I’m talking about. These are the same people who are on the internet talking about a bikers code. Dudes who let their ole ladies pull them around by the dick.

That’s what’s wrong with bikers now a days. Too busy following around an ole lady instead of being a man. These types are the ones who think if they are actually a man they might loose that pussy they finally got.

Yeah, I know, ladies out there are going nuts at what I‘m saying right now. Or are you? My guess is you always dream about having a man that will take control and actually be a man. You secretly long for someone who’s balls you don’t have to keep in your purse. Someone who actually goes to work and supports you and not the other way around. Come on!!! You know what I‘m saying is true don’t you all?Now, let‘s see in the comment section just how much I pissed on someones wheaties because that’s exactly what I‘m talking about. People, get all butt hurt when someone speaks as I do. It doesn’t fit into what someone is supposed to say. I can hear it all now. (Say Sarcastically.) “Hunny, Hunny? Did you hear what Hollywood had to say? He says I‘m suppose to pick my balls up and be a man. How dare he offend you like that sweet heart? I‘m going to tell him I‘m going to unsubscribe.” You ever notice how people have to announce their exit from a group or on someones YouTube Channel? You‘re strokes!! You don’t like whats up take your ass down and watch sesame street!

Let‘s get back to this supposed biker code, though. Everything you see about this on the internet. Again, through these memes are common-sense people!!! You see someone on the side of the road pull your ass over and help them. If you can’t then at least stay with them until someone else arrives. Who knows, you might strike up a long lasting friendship.

Yes, you don’t RAT!!!!!!!! If you have to even think about ratting, your ass shouldn’t have gotten involved in what you were doing. This is one of the biggest things that burns the ass!! Why in the hell did you get involved knowing the options of what the outcome could’ve been? You knew damn well the consequences so man the hell up and don’t rat!
Listen. Words of advice. If you know you could do time for what you‘re involved in and can‘t accept the time.Simply don’t do it! Again, common sense! You don’t need a meme to tell you that!!!

So the question was do I believe in the bike code? Here‘s what I believe in. I believe life is a bitch and you have to be guarded with everything you do. I believe people have to earn your trust through years of trials and tribulations. I don’t believe in calling anyone bro. Especially if they are someone over the internet and never met them. I believe people will screw you the first chance they get. It’s always been human nature to care for oneself over some other. Its something that’s been that way since the onset of humanity and will never change.

This biker code on all these memes insinuates that anyone riding a bike must adhere to these saying or they are not bikers. I call bullshit and say the opposite. If someone has to adhere to some code and not think for themselves then I would never consider you a biker. Bikers are the ones who are suppose to see through bullshit. Bikers are ones who make the rules and live the way they see fit. If you have to live by what someone else tells you forget biker. What kind of man are you really?

It might sound like I‘m bashing the idea of a biker code. I‘m not. I believe there is a set of principles everyone should live by. But to take what someone says off a meme and considers it gospel on what a biker is supposed to follow is utterly ridiculous. Come on, there has to be some type of common sense left.

Why do some people use this supposed biker code to reinforce themselves?? Because the ones using it are probably the ones who are the 50-year-old mid-life crisis pole smoker who need to be propped up and feel like they are finally something in life.

Here‘s my suggestion. Be a man. Have your word and do what’s right. You don’t need any reinforcement from any meme that your a true biker. Be you, don‘t be something your not. If your not a tough guy then don’t act like one. Not all bikers are tough. Everyone has their own skill set and personality. Don’t try fitting into some mold because true bikers make their own molds or a meme on Facebook tells you this is the way it should be.

I hope that answers your question on the Biker Code Memes Mark. Now onto your other question. Do I think those who wear shoes instead of boots are a biker?

Short answer? I wear either converse or my nikes everywhere I go. I can care less if people say “Look at the guy wearing the white tennis shoes on his motorcycle!“ My first response is fuck you! Listen, I’ve worn converse or nikes my entire life. Shit, some people write in all the time asking why I wear my hats or bandanas like a gang banger. Again Short answer? Ive was a banger all my life!! Ever since I was 12 years old. I‘m I active now? No! I‘m I ashamed of what I was or where I‘ve been? Hell no! Do I still communicate with people in the neighborhood? Uh, Yeah! That will never change about me. The neighborhood is who I am. That includes the styles I wear.

I always find it funny when you see people wearing stuff we wear. Especially the flannels. That prick Ryan Urlacher. Whose a cop by the way!! Takes pictures of himself in flannels with hats backwards all the time. Something we’ve been doing in the neighborhood since the early 50s.

So does the way I dress preclude me from being a biker? Uh, No! Do I catch hell from the grey beards for wearing my converse or Nikes? All the time. But if I gave a shit what people thought about me I would be giving up who I am as a person. I would be turning my back on those in my neighborhood and what we were all about. Not to mention going against what bikers are suppose to be about. Bikers are not supposed to give a shit what anyone thinks of them. Remember that. I know its a new concept for most of you new jacks and middle age bikers. So I hope this answers that question for yeah Mark.

So whats bottom line?

If you want to be some damn knight or practice chivalry then go read a book and choose another lifestyle. Because one thing we are not, is a knight in shining armor. If you have to tie yourself to what others think of you than you‘re living a sorry existence. Especially if its someone telling you to act a certain way. Again, I always thought bikers were supposed to be on the fringe of society? Guess not in the modern era.


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