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Which states have the most motorcycle fatalities?

Maybe it’s simpler than I thought: The more you ride, the more you’re exposed and the more likely you are to die out there. Of course, in reality, I rarely think it’s simple. (Some accuse me of being the king of overthinking it.) But some basic stats compiled by the …

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Nearly 900 drivers suspended in wake of deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire

BOSTON — The embattled Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has suspended an additional 330 drivers whose past violations in other states had gone unprocessed after thousands of notices piled up in mail bins inside a registry facility for the past 15 months. The RMV’s lapse in processing out-of-state suspensions was discovered in the aftermath of a horrific crash …

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The H-D Dyna (Soft-tails) were stolen from outside a hotel near Rainton POLICE are appealing for information relating to the theft of two Harley-Davidsons which were taken from the Highfield Hotel near Rainton. The theft took place at around 5.18 am on Friday, June 7th. The police later received a …

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Opinion: Leave Your Bike Home, Save Lives

The solution to all of our problems. It’s pretty straightforward, right? If you leave your motorcycle parked, the chances you’ll get in amotorcycle crash are pretty much null. No more riders on the roads equate to no more riders ending up in the hospital. Problem solved! Oh wait, you think this …

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