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Cop arrested in Hells Angels drug bust granted parole

A police officer who was arrested along with dozens of people rounded up following a major drug trafficking investigation into the Hells Angels has been granted parole on the 18-month sentence he received in January. Carl Ranger, 41, a member of the Repentigny police force when he was arrested in …

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What you don’t know about motorcycle clubs

It’s no secret that we Americans love our outlaws, from the legends and lore of rebellious (and illegal) acts by our Founding Fathers, to the bushwhacking and bank-robbing capers of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, to the “bad boy” music of Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and Dr. Dre. …

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Outlaws MC member gets 60 years

Alton Illinois, USA (May 31, 2019) — A judge Friday sentenced former Alton resident Brandon Chittum, 36, to 60 years in prison after hearing a video statement of the defendant giving a detailed description of how he helped dismember and dispose of the body of victim Courtney Coats of East …

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Texting Teen Gets Slap On Wrist For Killing Motorcyclists

Put. Your. Phone. Down. A pickup-truck-driving Minnesota teenager who killed a couple while they were out on their motorcycle has been sentenced to sixty days in prison and three years probation. It’s these stories that get all us motorcyclists wadded right up. We hear about these crashes and we are livid that …

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What is life without humor? Dull and boring, am I right? That’s why today, we have five of the funniest motorcycle jokes to share with you, and by the end of this, if you’re not laughing, then well, we’ll just have to go hunting for more motorcycle jokes! Get whatever …

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Broken down biker struck and killed on side of the road

ROBERTSDALE, AL – A Baldwin County man has been charged with manslaughter and driving under the influence following a fatal accident in Robertsdale on Saturday afternoon. Robertsdale police said 38-year-old Noel Courtland Bergevin was traveling northbound on College Avenue, also known as County Road 71, when he crossed over the centerline …

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