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Harley Davidson is revamping it’s goals amid terrible sales

Harley-Davidson’s (Harley) 2020 Q1 financial report shows that the moto manufacturer continues on hard times.  For the full first quarter, U.S. retails sales fell 15.5% year over year.  It’s U.S. heavyweight motorcycle market share fell 2.2 percentage points to fall to 48.9%. Internationally, the story is even worse.  International retail …

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20 Cool Facts About Harley-Davidson Most Americans Don’t Know

Although Honda and Yamaha lead the pack worldwide as motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson has successfully carved a niche for themselves that is completely different from the rest. Even through countless hard times and record drops in sales, the Harley-Davidson name has survived, and is the most recognized American motorcycle brand. Harley-Davidson …

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2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Harley Davidson’s Iron 883 gets a simple name because that’s just what it is: a basic, elemental canvas upon which to hang your custom desires. The sole 883cc model in H-D’s line consists of nothing but stripped-down and blacked-out metal, rolling with low bars, a low seat height, and—be warned—slammed …

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10 Best Harley Davidson Bikes Ever Made, Ranked

A Harley is a dream ride for many motorcycle lovers all over the world. As ‘Murican as it gets, beautifully made and powerful enough for all the two-wheeler thrills in the world, nothing beats a true blue Harley Davidson motorcycle. They make awesome tourers but also speed bikes and everything …

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