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His name is Jason Smith, and in his life, he has seen many things among which he even saw combat during the gulf war, where he served as a Marine, and obviously, he is incredible at self-control, because as you are about to witness this punk that has crossed into …

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Not gangsters, just friendly guys: How outlaw bikers are re-badging as members of ‘motorcycle social clubs’ – so cops can’t crack down on them

Former outlaw motorcycle gang members are joining social clubs as a way of getting around anti-bikie laws. In the past few years, multiple new clubs have been established including the Australian Social Motorcycle Club and Viking Breed, all under the guise of being social motorcycle clubs. Members wear leather vests …

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Would You Want To Live Next To An Outlaw Biker Gang?

Some people believe the presence of outlaw bikers has a calming effect on a neighbourhood, but one expert says that’s a myth. In recent months, two clubs tied to well-known biker gangs have set up new bases in the Halifax area and their presence has some people in those areas …

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Cop who pulled gun on Hells Angel MC member sentenced

Willoughby, Ohio (January 10, 2020) BTN — A judge on Thursday sentenced a fired Euclid police officer to five days in jail for pulling a gun during a bar fight with suspected members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. Todd Gauntner, 32, previously pleaded guilty to using weapons while intoxicated, …

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