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Bikers are Being Arrested for Wearing Bandanas; Here’s Why

It has been reported that in the recent past, as many as 17 arrests have been made in this regard. Bikers in the State of Louisiana have been arrested for wearing bandannas while riding.

Many bikers around the country prefer to wear bandannas while riding.

And we see it as nothing but a targeting of motorcyclists’ rights and freedoms, when they are prevented from wearing bandannas.

Not all the 17 cases of arrest reported have been confirmed yet. However, at least, one arrest has been confirmed till yet.

This biker was arrested on the November 8th, 2016. He was on his way to speak at a Confederation of Clubs and Independents in Alexandria.

As a result of the arrest, he not only missed his opportunity to speak at the conference, but also missed the opportunity to vote in the 2016 National Elections!

He was stopped on the pretext of a traffic violation. However, the arrest was made under an “Anti-mask Law” in force in the state.

He was allegedly in the violation of State Code LSA-R.S. 14:313. This law is apparently in place to prevent people from concealing their identity in public.

As many as 15 states have such general “anti-masking laws”, which can be used to harass motorcyclists!

We think it’s a gross violation of the rights of the bikers. What do you think about it? Let us know in the Comments’ Section below.

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