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7 Things Bikers Are Just Tired Of Hearing All The Time!

If you ever see a biker and feel like telling them something about their “toxic motorcycle habit”, just ask yourself one thing. Do you really think that you’re the first one to tell them that? Do you really think that they don’t realize that already? If you can’t figure out the answer, let me break it to you. Just about everything you’ve got to tell a biker about being a biker, without yourself being one, they know it already. They understand it. And they’ve made their choice. You talking about it again isn’t going to change anything, and just annoy them! So, here are 7 things bikers keep on hearing but are really sick of hearing!

1. “Motorcycles are dangerous. Why do you ride them?”

You should really get a “Smartass of the year” trophy if you ever tell that to a biker. They ride those god damn things. Of course, they know and understand that. Yet, they chose to ride. That’s because they’re individuals with the right to their own choice. And their choice is to ride, for the sheer pleasure and thrill it gives, over the risk of it all.

2. “I used to ride. But then, I got married and kids!”

Just because you’re a quitter, mate, doesn’t mean everybody has to. Just because a man lives their choice on their own terms doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids and family. It’s their choice to make, not yours!

3. “What “gang” are you a part of?”

You’re sure to be treated with a punch if you ever ask a biker that. There’s a difference between a “gang” and a “motorcycle club”. And it’s a huge one! Also, not everybody who rides is a member of a club.

4. “You must go on trips every now and then!”

Hang on there, mate. Did my helmet or gear anywhere say that I don’t have a real life? Did it anywhere say that I don’t have a job or responsibilities? As much as we want to leave for a trip every weekend, most of us can’t. Sure, we jump at it every opportunity we get, but most of us don’t really get a lot of them!

5. “How much does it cost to run?”

Seriously mate, why do you even care to know? It’s not like you’re going to sell your car outright if the two wheels are cheaper to run. Perhaps the bigger annoyance is what follows after you answer this question. “Well, that’s not a lot cheaper than a car”. Yeah, mate, I’m not riding this to save on a few pennies!

6. “For this much money, you could have gotten yourself a car”

Does a car do 0-60 in 3 seconds? Does a car let you lean down to your knees on the tarmac during a corner? Does a car let you feel the nature around me? Does a car give you the thrill of riding? The answer to all those questions is a big fat “no”. So, there, that’s why we spend our dollars on a motorcycle, and not a car.

7. “Can I take it for a spin?”

Before you ask a biker this, just remember, that most bikers treat their bikes like their second (in many, like their first) girlfriend/wife. Just like you never ask a man if you could have a shot with their girlfriend, you don’t ask a biker if you could have a shot with their bike, no matter how much you want it! If you really wish to express your desires, the safest thing to do is, say something like, “Ohh, I wish I could ride something like that!”

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