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7 Motorcycle Clubs The Feds Say Are “Highly Structured Criminal Enterprises”

Motorcycle Clubs have been around for decades and decades, and form a very important part of motorcycling culture. Sadly though, for some skewed reasons, for most people, they’ve also become the poster pictures for the reason they see bikers as crooks. Nearly all motorcycle clubs in the country are comprised of law-abiding bikers who just love their bikes and club brothers! However, it’s no secret that some clubs run a whole list of illicit activities. The U.S. Department of Justice has identified some motorcycle clubs which they believe are actually highly-structured criminal enterprises, and here’s the list!

1. The Mongols MC

Considered one of the “Big 4”, the club consists largely of Hispanic men. They’ve earned a notorious reputation for violence, ever since they took Los Angeles away from the Hells Angels.

2. The Bandidos MC

It is one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the world, with its 900+ members spread across the country. Most of the clubs activity in the US, is centered in Southern and Western parts of the country.

3. The Hells Angels MC

The most (in)famous of the one-percenter clubs, the Hells Angels have chapters around the world in many many countries. The club has some 800 members in the US, and over 2500 across the globe. They have a notorious reputation for moving drugs within and across borders, and do a whole lot of other stuff like murders and run extortion rackets, by the side.

4. The Pagans MC

In the US, the Pagans primarily run in some 11 Mid-Atlantic states. Their members have been connected to arson, murder, and a whole lot of other serious charges. The U.S. Department of Justice says that they primarily move cocaine, meth and PCP.

5. The Sons of Silence MC

The club is small compared to most others in the list, but they’re no less violent, if not more. They have chapters in some 30 states, and have some 250 members. Members have a long list of charges against them, including the usuals concerning drugs, extortion, murders, prostitution, extortion, and illegal arms. The point where they differ is that they’re apparently also into motorcycle part theft!

6. The Vagos MC

Of all the clubs on the list, they are perhaps the ones that stick the most to a particular niche in their activities. They’re primarily into the production and distribution of meth. Some members have also been charged for insurance fraud and money laundering.

7. The Outlaws MC

The Outlaws MC is another of the “Big 4” one-percenter clubs. Like the Hells Angels MC and others on the list, they too have a presence spread out across the world. In the US, they have some 700 members across 86 chapters, most of which are in the upper Midwest. The Feds believe that most of their money comes from the production and distribution of meth. The DOJ report says that the Black Pistons MC, created in 2002, as a support club to the Outlaws MC, is used by the Outlaws to transport its drugs. The Black Pistons MC, today, has a presence in Europe as well.

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