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5 Things You Absolutely Don’t Say to a Rider!

This post is an educational guide for all you non-riders who’re constantly saying things to us riders that annoy the brains out of us.

We hold no prejudice against people who don’t ride. And we prefer the non-riders don’t hold any for us. And even if you do have some “expert opinions” on riding, while not being a rider yourself, it’s generally better to keep it to yourself.

If you want us to be more discrete about it, here are the 5 things we absolutely don’t want to hear from you…

1. “I saw this pretty horrific motorcycle accident several years ago. I’m pretty sure the rider wouldn’t have had made it”

Alright. So? I saw this guy walking on the curb be mowed down by a truck. I’m pretty sure he didn’t survive either. Does that mean everybody who walks on the curb meets the same fate?! Not all riders are destined to crash. And if it IS to happen, it isn’t like driving around in a car hasn’t ever killed anybody.

2. “I know this guy who quit riding after he met a crash”

Understandable. Even we don’t call guys like him a quitter. We understand how one can be terrified to ride after a crash and never want to get on a motorcycle again. But, that’s life. Each man is the sum of his experiences. And our experience has just been the joy that riding gives us!

3. “I used to ride a long time ago. But my wife made me quit when we had kids!”

What is even the point of it, mate?! Unless you want to get me a beer, and want a fellow rider to lessen your sorrow, I don’t care why you quit. Is it you telling me how I should stop riding as a parent, or just how your wife makes all the decisions in your life!

4. “Ride Safe”, with that annoyingly concerned look

You’re the guys we don’t hate, but you still annoy us. It’s not like I was doing a 100 in the wrong lane without a helmet before you told me this. Obviously, I’ll ride safe. I love my life more than you do.

5. “It’s the drivers on the road you have to worry about, they don’t just see motorcyclists”

Well, even we aren’t so prejudiced against all car drivers. But, yeah, we do come across many idiots like that. But then, that’s life. It’s good to be alert and cautious, but just stupid to be needlessly worrisome!

So, the next time you try to strike up a conversation with a rider you just met, or heck have even known for a while, just stray away from these instant annoying quotes!

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