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12 Facts About Harley-Davidson You Didn’t Know

Harley-Davidson is a brand we all love to drive and own. It’s been around for as long as anybody can remember. It’s not just a motorcycle marque, for a lot of us it’s a lot more. Harley-Davidson is a part of our live, it’s a part of who we are. And if you’re one of those people for whom Harley-Davidson is more than just a brand, I’m sure you’d love to know these things about them!

1. The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever, was born in France.

2. The first-ever Harley-Davidson motorcycle had coaster brakes!

3. The first V-twin engine Harley-Davidson ever made wasn’t a success!

4. “Hogs” weren’t the most desired motorcycles ever. From being compared to messy pigs, Harley-Davidson was amazingly able to turn around the image of a Harley to something everybody desired!

5. Harley-Davidsons have always been a favorite for the bad boys! (But you know that already, don’t you!)

6. Ironically, they’re also a favorite for the good guys! (Yeah, vets, we’re talking about you guys!)

7. The startup capital of Harley-Davidson was roughly equivalent to the dollars a single Harley-Davidson Fatboy costs today!

8. President Reagan had a great role in saving a once-dying Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company.

9. The 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster was actually designed by a bunch of HD dealers coming together.

10. To modernize its own facilities with the time, Harley-Davidson had the clever idea to make a visit to the Honda plant in Ohio!

11. Harley-Davidson and its dealers weren’t associated with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at its inception. It was actually a bunch of Indian Motorcycle dealers who started the rally in 1938!

12. The Harley-Davidson may be closed on Christmas Day, but there’s free entry on Mother’s Day!

Which of these facts did you already know about Harley-Davidson? Are there any other interesting things you’d like to share about Harley with your brother bikers? What does Harley-Davidson mean to you? When did you get your first Harley-Davidson? We’d love to know all these things and more. Do share with us in the comments section below.

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