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11 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

There are reasons why you should buy a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Harley’s are made in the USA and that is good enough reason alone.

2. You can have the engine remanufactured (rebuilt) by the factory. You just ship the engine to Milwaukee, they completely prefabricate the engine back to OEM specifications, dyno test and tune the engine and ship it back to you or they dealer of your choice. You can’t do this with other brands and it is cheaper to do this with Harley-Davidson than it would to pay anybody else to overhaul your engine. This service is not available for the Sportster engine, reason being there is no call for it, the engines do not fail like the Twin-Cam engines do.

3. You can buy anything you need or want for a Harley. Just look at the accessory catalogs and see what you can buy. No other motorcycle brand has such a huge selection. This is one good reason to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as hundreds of companies support the bikes making all sorts of goodies. Example: you can buy complete handlebar sets with all the electrical wires and cables ready to just bolt on. Other brands? You got to cut the wires and void your warranty (or make extensions with matching harness connectors) and you may be surprised to find risers or handle bars that will not work with your bike. You can buy different size pulleys, wheels, seats, brakes, luggage, racks and the list is really extensive.

4. The engines (except the V-rod model) require no routine valve lash adjustments. This saves you hundreds of dollars in servicing expense each and every year.

5. Harley riders have the most reasons to ride to destinations and meet with each other like no other group of riders. Each month there are dozens of advertised locations where bikers are riding and meeting for lunch, charities and just fun rides. Ain’t nothing like it!

6. No matter which Harley-Davidson dealership you visit you are always made welcome and there is hot coffee waiting for you with snacks. I dread going into other brand dealerships only to be not greeted, no coffee, no snacks, no friendliness at all and being unwelcome and being assaulted with obnoxious loud music where you can’t think or talk to anyone in comfort. I have traveled all over the nation and the Harley dealers are destinations in themselves just to ride to and many riders do just that visiting dealers as a hang-out and to meet other riders.

7. If you break down in your travels there are many mechanics who can fix your Harley-Davidson in every town you happen to be. This is not so with other brands of motorcycles where you may have to tow your bike hundreds of miles to get the bike to a dealership or independent shop that can fix your bike.

8. I have seen and heard and read endless stories of a rider breaking down and the Harley-Davidson dealer bending over backwards to get the rider back on the road in just hours, even keeping the entire shop open so a mechanic can work on the bike after hours and giving the rider a discount on top of it all to ease the pain of the breakdown. You won’t get that royal treatment with other brands of motorcycle dealers, no way! They will not treat you well and that I know from personal experience.

9. The Harley Owner’s Group (HOG) also has thousands of rides, events and meets nationwide. No other manufacturer has so many loyal members.

10. The Harley-Davidson Sportster is a good bike for one rider at 1200cc engine. The engine is reliable and quite bulletproof in design. Just add an oil cooler (all air-cooled bikes should have one), a touring seat, pull-back handlebars, extended controls, saddlebags, rack and sissy bar and other options if you wish and away you go. Get a model with cast wheels so flat tires will not leave you stranded, or option to install tubeless spoke rims.

11. There ain’t nothing like the Harley-Davidson experience for pure cruising! The bikes have a “soul” and that’s something the other brands just don’t have. When you ride one, you’ll feel the difference!

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