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10 Rules Of Biker Etiquette Every Biker Should Know!

Call me old school, but I believe proper manners and etiquette is what defines a man from a boy. And I have no qualms extending that to bikers. A biker without biker etiquette isn’t a biker to me, he’s just a guy who rides a motorcycle. A lot of these things are common sense, and some would come naturally to you, if you hang out with bikers enough. But just in case you didn’t know any, here’s a list down of 10 very important rules of biker etiquette!

1. Introducing Yourself When Patched

Whether you’re on your motorcycle or not, if you’re wearing your patch, you aren’t just yourself, but you are representing your entire club. So, when you’ve got to introduce yourself, don’t just end with your name. Follow it with

“Club Name – Road Name – City of Origin”

If you’re still a prospect, then, it should go like:

“Club Name – Prospect – Road Name – City of Origin”

2. Treating another man’s bike with respect

Just like you wouldn’t want another man to touch your wife, no biker wants another man to touch their bike. If it’s not your bike, don’t sit on it, don’t lean against it, don’t even touch it.

3. Hands Off The Patch

A patch is to be respected. It isn’t an embellishment on a piece of clothing, it’s something the biker has earned. And just like you don’t go around touching the things you respect, never touch another man’s patch. Even if you have to touch a biker on their back, to pat them or something, steer very clear of the patch area.

4. Mind Your Own Business

If a couple of brothers from a club are having a conversation among themselves, you’re not invited, unless you are. Don’t try to break in, and jump into the conversation, unless you’ve been asked to.

5. Respect Ladies

You never want to disrespect a woman with a biker. Even if she’s wearing a vest that says, “Property Of”, always remember, that she may be willing to call herself property, but she’s still “not your” property!

6. Don’t Be Disrespectful

If you’re walking down to your isle, and you happen to bump into a biker, be respectful. Admit it’s your mistake, say sorry, and be on your way. If you’re going to just walk away, don’t blame him for treating you as being disrespectful.

7. No Bar Fights

Again, remember, when you’re out there in your cuts, you aren’t just representing yourself, but your entire club. Any fight you start, doesn’t just put you in a bad light, but the entire club, the entire brethren of bikers. If you do that, it’s people like you who are the reason we hear about bars banning colors.

8. No Cutting In The Middle

Never cut in the middle of the pack of bikers. Never. Even if you’re merging onto or from the freeway, slow down, and fall behind. Don’t cut into the middle.

9. Never Pass In Lane

This is not only disrespectful, it’s also illegal. If you pass a biker in their own lane, now you’re just asking for it!

10. Never Pull Up Besides

Until and unless you know a fellow biker on the road, don’t pull up besides them. Not only do you look like a creep, but you can’t blame them if they think you’re up to no good.

Are there any other rules of biker etiquette that you think we missed out on? If so, do let us know in the comments section below. Which of these do you already follow? Let us know that too!

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